Montage Monday: It’s Gettin’ Hot in HERRR

Yes, summer is definitely upon us and being a true California girl, I love the hot days and long nights that summer brings each year. One thing about recent summers that I do NOT like: humidity. Growing up in California’s dry heat, I never had the misfortune of experiencing humidity until I moved to New York City in 2005 and I have never experienced more humidity than in the last year and a half as I traveled my way across Asia.

As I try to do my best to cope with my overactive sweat glands here in Hong Kong, join me as I look back on my HOTTEST memorable summer moments!

Getting good and muddy with friends in Jordan’s Dead Sea in 2009. It was easily over 100 degrees (40 Celcius) with very little wind when we made the hour-long journey from Amman. Whatever possessed us to slather hot, stinky mud all over ourselves is beyond me though I will admit, once you washed it off, your skin did look and feel incredible. That Dead Sea mud really does work!

Summer in New York City can’t get any better than a nice cold scoop of delicious ice cream from the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory with friends. The unique and refreshing flavors of green tea, almond cookie, red bean and sesame seed are all so yummy! I bet you can’t visit the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory just once! I know I couldn’t!

The gorgeous blue waters of Granada in the Caribbean in 2007 was were my love of scuba diving began. I got my Open Water certification during the week that I went to visit my high school best friend. It’s so awesome when friends live in beautiful places because you have more reason to go!

Kayaking in Pokhara, Nepal with Matt in 2010 was a really fun day and an excellent way to cool off from the heat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get into the swing of things and ended up going in circles most of the afternoon. I wasn’t too fussed, it was a gorgeous setting to be in nonetheless. Besides, Matt capsized in his kayak and that was hilarious!

What’s YOUR hottest memory?

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