#TTOT Roundup: Romance Travel

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1 via marksmayo What would you consider to be the most romantic place to travel?

  • poshbrood: Prague: very romantic w/beautiful architecture, bridges, river, luxe hotels, free concerts, great restos & museums 
  • AtHomeAway: I also thought Bruges, Belgium was romantic in that charming wanna-put-it-in-my-pocket-and-take-it-home sort of way
  • gr8ful4dmb: 1st thought is Paris; art, architecture, food and ambience
  • travelightly: Buenos Aires – great music, dancing, wine, and men, what more could I ask for!
  • TheKarenHawkins: One of the most romantic places I’ve been is Istanbul. Not Constantinople  
Magical Istanbul

Q2 via jayneytravels What nations makes the best lovers – and why? (dish the dirt!)

  • ofrevolt: Gotta be honest – as LUVAHS – love French, love the Brits, but my fellow Americans – I salute you! 
  • TippettPR: The Irish. In the eyes, In the charm, in the craic and in the fab walks across Wicklow
  • mygo2it: The Philippines put the ‘P’ in passion!
  • alexandraeh: A bit cliche, but Brazilians and French. They both kiss like nobody’s business! …and that’s a tried-and-true opinion
  • Ashley_Tinnon: Italians. I can personally vouch for that one

Q3 via marksmayo What is the *least* romantic place on earth?

Q4 via myGo2it Have you ever found romance while traveling? If so, how and where? 

  • InroadsIreland: Met great Irish tour guide backpacker tour got married later now we run our own tour biz! 
  • CorneliusAesop: Buzios Brazil. She was from the amazon and worked at a favorite bar of mine
  • TheLondonJob: Barcelona. If you are a little lost tourist girl …there are strong men helping you out… 
  • missemalise: I was proposed to by a drunk Scottish man my first time alone in Amsterdam. In broad daylight. In the middle of the street
  • Psychedgirl: American Summer camps. Never lasted beyond the summer though. Fell in love with a few countries though…
  • tbloggersunite: Baltimore (no really!), San Diego, Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Sweden, is that bad? 
  • RainyDayTravelr: Hmm, while studying in Spain…ay mi! 

Q5 via ofrevolt Which famously *romantic* place was all hype? 

  • driftingfocus: “Love Land” on Jeju Island, South Korea – a sex-themed park. Hilarious, yes. Sexy? No
  • travelettes: Venice – so touristy, so overpriced, so much pigeon poo – no romantic mood in sight 
  • BespokeTravels: The Eiffel Tower
  • findmeetgo: Canadian side of Niagara Falls
  • travelmammal: Truth…Bahamas. Just didn’t do it for me or my girl

And there you have it, “Romance Travel”!

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Have you got anything to add to the Romance Travel discussion? 

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