#TTOT Round-Up: Modern Wonders of the World

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Here’s the round-up of this week’s #TTOT: 

Q1 via MalloryOnTravel: Which ‘modern wonder of the World’ left you almost speechless/breathless?

  • waegook_tom: The Sydney Opera House! I was totally dumbstruck by it
  • AnnaLucyT: I am pretty sure the Taj Mahal (Shrine of LOVE) will leave me breathless in October…can’t wait 
  • ArantxaR: Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain even when it’s not yet finished
  • santafetraveler: Not sure what you’re calling modern, but the Eiffel Tower as first seen from the Tracadero was amazing! 
  • peters_muppet: The Empire State building was mind-blowing to someone who lives in a country with no sky-scrapers!

  • Inga_Ros: Loved climbing the Great Wall and seeing the Terracotta Army in #China
  • TippettPR: Petronas Towers. Stunning scary walk across! 
  • travelmammal: Santorini and the Grand Canyon natural wonders that made me speechless
  • john_oates: The Karakoram Highway between Pakistan and China. Remarkable example of human will imposed on landscape
  • soultravelers3: Kidlet on camel playing violin at Petra certainly rocked!
  • sunshinesiestas: I’ve been to the Alhambra seven times. Never fails to inspire, impress, blow me away
  • vanilleah: Bagan, Burma. No tourists, sunset light and two rainbows in the sky. 
Bagan, Burma

Q2 via nomadico: What ancient wonder would you have most wanted to see for yourself?

  • toniwonitravels: Atlantis -I swear it’s out there and I want to explore it!
  • belleandi: Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Such an extravigance for a desert culture in particular 
  • marksmayo: Great Library of Alexandria. I’ve been to the new one, and it’s cool and all, but not the same
  • gogirlonline: I reckon Colossus of Rhodes would have been pretty spectacular, especially for its time 
  • wherechugo: All of them. Equally sorry not to have seen all the ruins destroyed in the recent wars in Iraq. Maybe someday.
  • AnthonyOFlynn: The pyramids in Egypt- people say it’s amazing. A true wonder of the world
Giza, Egypt

Q3 via MalloryOnTravel: Which ‘modern wonder of the World’ is all hype and disappointed you most?

  • OliOrtiz7: Stonhenge..interesting but doesn’t compare with the others
  • BBC_Travel: Chichen Itza – there were so many tourists. It took away from a place that should have felt very eery and spiritual 
  • RickGriffin: The Grand Canyon … it’s just a big hole in the ground:)
  • WomanSeeksWorld: The Leaning Tower of Pisa I guess…it was tiny!  
  • spotcoolstuff: Mall of America!
  • Dalmatiaturist: Colosseum. Ok, it’s big, it’s great, but it’s falling apart and not really at its best. Inside is disappointing!
  • peters_muppet: It has to be the Channel Tunnel! Very useful but visually a bit shit!

Q4 via Bryan_Snider: What are some sites that could arguably [be] a Modern Wonder of the World that isn’t one already?  

  • faceplacecase: What about the underwater world of the Great Barrier reef as long as its still there?
  • WomanSeeksWorld: The MI6 building in London…may not be great for national security to publicise it as a modern wonder though!
  • beatthebrochure: Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil, it is really an amazing and unique place to visit
  • Banff_Squirrel: I’d put the London Tube down as a modern wonder worth visiting
  • SuuperG: The Astoria Bridge from Oregon to Washington is memorable and spans a beautiful river
  • belleandi: Trees. They are fighting a losing battle(against us) and all the time they are keeping us all alive. Now that’s a wonder
  • katthreesixfive: The Sagrada de Familia in Barcelona …once it’s finished I guess…


Q5 via nomadico: If you had to pick one modern wonder to see before you died, what would it be?

  • traveldudes: It’s not an official Modern Wonder, but my answer is: Antartica – as long it’s still there! :)
  • toniwonitravels: Great Wall of China – love to walk the entire length for charity one day
  • Dalmatiaturist: Everest. Someday, somehow
  • hjortur: That Heaven everyone has been talking about …I fear it’s a hype!
  • FearfulGirl: Lady Gaga’s penis 
  • AlexPlim: Petra
  • roniweiss: Still gotta get my picture in front of the Taj Mahal
  • KellyDeanOttawa: I would like to see all the Wonders, one at time, for a life of travel
  • CryptoPete: Noctilucent Clouds are worth seeing
  • albsolano: UAE. Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • InAForeignLand: I would love to see Machu Picchu 
Macchu Picchu, Peru

And there you have it, “Modern Wonders of the World”!

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Have you got anything to add to the Modern Wonders of the World discussion? 

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