Montage Monday: Nostalgic Hong Kong

Step back in time with Matt’s photos and glimpse into the world that Hong Kong once was and, if you look hard enough, can still experience today! Matt’s modified (and self-painted) Holga camera gave the streets and people of Hong Kong a nostalgic look. The effect is pretty dramatic! 

One of the things I love most about Hong Kong is the fresh produce markets you can find dotted around the city. It’s a refreshing sight from all the modern office buildings and glittering shopping malls that overtake most of Hong Kong!

Apartments in Hong Kong toward overhead, making you feel small and almost claustrophobic at times. With air conditioners and laundry hanging precariously out of windows, the apartments also give you an eerie sense that the world just might cave in on you at any moment.

The area of Sham Shui Po in Kowloon has a flea market that sells just about any and everything you can imagine! Most of it’s rather useless like old cable wires, VCR units and chintzy fake jade jewelry, but it’s always interesting to stroll along the stalls and see what’s up for grabs.

An old man selling household goods at the Sham Shui Po flea market. I love the contrast of the shiny goods to the left and the old man half hidden in shadows on the right. To me, this photo is a perfect metaphor for Hong Kong as a whole.

Hong Kong is not complete without street vendors selling snacks along the side of the roads and this man is no exception! His weary expression reveals how exhausted he must be from his long hours. I can just imagine his father selling street food at the same stall decades ago!

Do you like seeing Hong Kong in this nostalgic way? Which is your favorite photo?

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