Montage Monday: London

Take a walk down memory lane with me on this three-photo montage highlighting my best memories from past travels!

The London Eye. I didn’t actually go up in it, but the scene around the Thames was incredible. Street buskers, break-dancers and just crowds of people enjoying the afternoon along the river. It was a beautiful day spent wandering and taking in the whole of London.

I stayed with my friend Joana in Barons Court and each day, in order to get to the Tube, I had to walk past this cemetery. All morbid thoughts aside, I did find something very peaceful and beautiful about this cemetery and quite enjoyed taking my autumn morning strolls through it.

I took a lot of experimental photos with my Diana F+ camera while in London and this is my favorite picture. I can’t remember where this was taken, but I really like the dreamy quality. It really encapsulates my London experience!

© Connie Hum 2010

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